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About Us

What is Detail Dog?

Detail Dog is a Mobile Dog Grooming Service that provides fully mobile dog grooming services to all dogs throughout the Los Angeles area. Detail Dog arrives at your doorstep with a mobile dog grooming Van that is fully equipped with a warm water bath, hand blow dryer, and safe cage-free environment to make your dog feel relaxed and comfortable. Detail Dog can bathe and groom all dogs of any shape, size, and breed. Detail Dog’s groomers also have extensive experience grooming older dogs, Dogs with Arthritis, and/or Dogs who have mobility issues from illness, injury, surgery, and/or old age.

Detail Dog’s groomers are are fully certified in Los Angeles and have 3 beloved dogs of their own. Not only do they have vast experience, but they have a passion for their work. Both are experts in all types of breeds, but they also have vast experience grooming dogs with special needs.

Zero Time Spent in Cage

With Detail Dog’s Mobile Dog Grooming, your dog will never spend any time in a cage. Many (if not most) dogs who are groomed at a “shop” will end up staying there for several hours. This is because the groomer (stylist) may not be ready to groom your dog at that particular moment when you drop him off. This means that your dog will most likely be put into a cage or crib for an unknown period of time until the groomer is ready to work on your dog. This means more time spent in a cage, with little space for movement. While not a pleasurable experience for any dog, this is especially undesirable for older dogs, dogs with arthritis and or dogs who may have special needs. Unless the grooming shop has an ample place for cage-free roaming and an attendant to watch them, there is little chance that your dog will be able to avoid being in cage for an extended time. Even when the dog is finished being groomed, the shop must wait for the owner to come and pick up the dog. During this time, the shop will most likely store the dog in a cage, so they can groom the next “client” and so that your dog does not interact with other dogs who may be present.

Avoid the Unknown

The dog owner himself/herself usually doesn’t want to sit around and wait at the grooming shop for hours, especially when they could be doing errands or working on things at home. The result is that the dog will be left with other people while the owner is far away for multitple hours The owner cannot see what is happening, and would rarely know if there was any problem and/or mishandling of their dog, or if there were any stressful experience suffered by the pet.

Easy Access and Ease of Monitoring

We pull up and park right in front of your house or apartment, and can even park in your driveway (space allowing). You can even walk your dog right up to the doorstep and into our Dog Grooming Van. You can enter the Grooming Van at any time to inspect your dog or say hello just to check in. Most importantly, your dog does not feel like he/she is far from home. In fact, your dog can see your home through the windows and door, especially since we will be parked in front of your house or in your actual driveway. Once your dog is finished, we simply walk your dog off the vehicle and into your arms.

Meet Our Groomers


Phoebe Panfai

Professional Dog Groomer

Phoebe Panfai is well known for taking extreme care with each dog. She finishes every last detail, no matter how difficult or how tedious. Most importantly, she has never rejected any dog that needed to be groomed, even under the most difficult circumstances. She has finished every job on every dog, even when the task seemed insurmountable or when it took longer than expected. She has successfully groomed dogs who hadn’t been groomed for years and some dogs who had been rescued and had suffered years of neglect at the hands of others. Phoebe’s greatest joy is to help dogs feel clean and comfortable.

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Our Services

Bathe & Brush


  • Nail Trimming and Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression (Emptying)
  • Hand Blow Dry
  • De-Shedding

*See descriptions below for more detail

Full Service Grooming


  • Styled Haircut on Body, Face, Tail and Paws
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Paw Manicure
  • Facial Clean-Up
  • Tear Stain Clean-Up
  • Full Bath and Brush
  • Nail Trimming and Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • De-Shedding

*See descriptions below for more detail

Pricing: We base cost estimates on many different factors including type of dog (breed), the type and condition of the Coat, disposition, type of haircut, frequency of grooming, etc..


Services Nail Trimming

Nail Trimming and Clipping

We clip and trim your dog's nails making the dog more comfortable for playtime with owners and less harsh on home furniture and floors.

Services Eye Mucus

Tear Stain Clean-Up

Trim and/or remove any discolored or undesirable facial hair lingering below the eyes that is unsightly, or that may have been soiled by excessive tears or eye mucus.

Services Facial Hair

Facial Hair Clean-Up

Trim and/or remove any discolored or unsightly facial hair that may be present around the mouth and/or lips.

Services Sanitary Trim

Sanitary Trim

Trim hair closer to skin in and around the urinary and fecal areas so that the dogs stay clean and sanitary for longer. We shave down very closely all hair in those areas that could become soiled by bowel movements, keeping them cleaner for the owner for a longer period.

Services Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

Clean the outer Ear Canal (and under-surface of ear) using sterile cleaning solution, removing all as much wax and/or dirt as possible.

Services Paw Manicure

Paw Manicure

Shave and/or cut/remove all hair on the underside of the dog’s paws, keeping their feet and pads cleaner and more sanitary, with less likelihood for infection.

Services Anal Gland

Anal Gland Expression (Emptying)

Anal sacs, or anal glands, carry some smelly fluid and occasionally need to be expressed, or emptied. Many dogs express them by themselves every time they poop — the sacs are around a dog's anus — but occasionally the sacs fill with fluid and your dog needs some help to release the fluid.

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